Thursday, January 15, 2009

And so it begins...

SO.... being that I live so far away from friends and family, and I get so many questions about the kids, I have decided to start a blog. Amongst all the other things that all of you like to laugh at me about, add "blogger" to that list. Although I've been thinking about this for quite some time now, I decided this morning that today would have to be the day that this begins, and here's why...


Kaelyn: I want cake. (she calls donuts cake)

I give her 1 donut

Kaelyn: I want more cake. (mind you, she hasn't even finished her first one)
Me: Eat your eggs
Kaelyn: Mine no want eggs. Mine want cake.
Me: Eat your eggs and tomorrow you can have another donut.

Kaelyn gets down from the table. Bryce, in the mean time is on his third donut. They are only the mini kind from the bag at the grocery store, and he likes a big breakfast. He had already eaten pancakes, eggs, and yogurt. So Kaelyn is mad that Bryce got 3 donuts, and she only got 1, plus Adam took Bryce to school without letting her come along since it was 18 degrees outside this morning, so we did not get off to a very good start.

2 hours later. Adam is gone. I'm cleaning out the girls' closet.

Kaelyn gets her stool, climbs up, and gets down the donuts. As most of you know, Bryce is REALLY freaked out about eating or drinking after another person. He refuses to eat anything if Kaelyn so much as touches it. So... being the clever little thing that she is... she proceeds to line the donuts, one by one around the coffee table. The ENTIRE bag! And no, she wasn't finished yet. After lining them up, she decided to take just ONE bite out of each and every one. That's Kaelyn. Silent but deadly.

An unsuspecting me comes walking down the hall, only to find the trail of powdered sugar, and the organized mess in my living room.

Me: KAELYN! What are you doing?
Kaelyn: Mine eat cake. Bubba no eat cake.

And so is the story of my life...