Monday, February 15, 2010

Sorry, neighbors, that you live next to "those people."

Right before Addison spent 4 days in the hospital with RSV and Pneumonia, our washer went out. To ensure a completely sanitized house upon her arrival home, we bought a new one. Where did the old one go? Adam thought it was a GREAT idea to put it in the front yard. While it rained.

It gets better.

After I came home I reminded him that we do not live in the country, and in the suburbs people just don't pile up their crap in the front yard when they're done with it. I told him that it needed to go to the dump or in the garage immediately. Fine, no big deal... UNTIL... while I was at a mom's night out he comes up with the great idea to clean out the garage. After all, he needed to say that he accomplished something while he (and his "stabbed") hand were off work for 2 1/2 weeks. Cleaning out the garage is a great idea. Cleaning out the garage at midnight while the weather is below freezing... I guess it's still an OK idea. Cleaning out the garage at MIDNIGHT with the door open and the radio blasting on a Wednesday night... not such a great idea. (Sorry Neighbors!) An even worse idea than that? Piling ALL the crap in the front yard that you "plan" on taking to the goodwill. Not just a small pile. A HUGE pile! And then it snowed. So, all of our crap was outside covered in snow for all of my lovely neighbors to look at while they built snowman with their children. Adam's answer? "Atleast our garage is clean!" Does it amaze you all as much as it amazes me? Just when I think he takes his whitetrash hickville-ness to the ultimate level, he one-ups himself. So, sorry babe that you spent your Wednesday night piling up all that crap, and your Thursday night piling it all back in the garage. And sorry neighbors that you had to witness the whole situation. I wish I had a picture to share!