Monday, September 28, 2009

My constant threats finally made the girls realize that it's not a good idea to flush things down the toilet. Well, it was either my threats or flushing their toys finally became boring for them. My guess is probably the latter, but either way, here's what I found in the fireplace this morning...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Typical Night in the Earls House

Bryce doesn't like to get his fingers sticky. That is why, tonight, he ate a rice krispie treat with a bowl and spoon. Addison, my little opportunist, thought she would take advantage of the situation, and snatch the treat right off his spoon. After all, she had already finished hers. And she doesn't mind sticky fingers at all!

And then she ran away with it.

Until she could finally eat it.

Bryce who refuses to eat anything with "baby slobber" on it, was really sad. (This is not at all re-enacted)


And Kaelyn, who surprisingly stayed out of it all, just danced around in her daddy's shirt. (Which is better than no shirt!)


And, if you can look past my unmade bed, here is the result...

Doesn't she look happy with Rice Krispie hanging from her chin :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bringing our White Trash-ness to a Whole New Level!

Before I begin the story about the trashiest family at Meet the Teacher, let me just say how wonderful it feels to have my laptop back!

For about a week, my phone and laptop were being repaired at the same time, leaving me with no email whatsoever. And when I say a week, I mean 2 days, but Adam forgot to tell me that he put a box from UPS in the coat closet, so there it stayed , until I called T-Mobile (which still didn't refresh his memory!) and they told me that it had been delivered 5 days earlier. Anyway, during that internet-less week, we were supposed to hear about the exact time we were to be at Kaelyn's new preschool for Meet the Teacher on Sunday. Well, needless to say, I did not get that email. I called and left a message on Saturday, and again on Sunday, and did not hear back. I got Kaelyn all dressed up in a really cute back to school dress, braided her hair in pigtails, and waited. I had to run some afternoon errands, so I left the kids with Adam (that's a KEY part of the story), and decided to do a quick drive-by and see if anyone was at the preschool. Well... EVERYONE was at the preschool. Apparently, Meet the Teacher was going to start in 7 minutes. So, I called Adam, told him to pile the girls into the car and head on over. I was in the parent room listening to the presentation, when I heard (and for those of you that know Adam... when he talks, he is definitely HEARD) my little family stumbling into the kid classroom. It wasn't until after the presentation when I met them in the classroom that I realized the full magnitude of the situation. Kaelyn, in her beautiful dress, had her dirty, disgusting, too small outside shoes on. Her hair was falling out of both braids with two mis-matched bows on both sides of her head trying to hold it back (neither bow matched the dress by the way). Her face was covered in cheetos. I look over to my husband, standing there in his green Sloppy Joe's Key West shirt, with a blue and red braves hat on. Oh... and he also had on HOLEY SHORTS!!! Not just a small hole. A softball sized hole in the side, revealing his boxers, along with a good sized hole right next to his crotch area. And bleach stains. They also had bleach stains. Sure, they used to be nice shorts before he did yard work and worked on cars in them. Now, they are just holey, stained shorts. And Addison, who's face was also covered in cheetos, was running around the classroom barefoot. AND ADAM WAS IN HOLEY SHORTS!!! I seriously don't think that I will ever get that picture out of my head. I realize that my kids are half Georgia hick, and eventually, that side always emerges a little, but seriously, on the first day of school?!? To top it all off, we ended our visit like this:

Remember, Adam is practically deaf in one ear, and yells without realizing it.

Me: nice shorts.


Me: (whispering and talking with my mouth half closed) we'll talk about it later.


This is where I gave him the "shut-up" glare.

Adam: (slapping his hands to his side) OH GREAT, NOW YOU'RE MAD AT ME.

And all of the parents just watched... and then everyone left and got i their car... and instructed their kids not to play with mine.

I would LOVE to share a picture with all of you, but if he couldn't get the girls dressed, he definitely couldn't remember the camera!