Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kaelyn: Mommy, Liam told me a secret. 
Me: oh yeah?
Kaelyn: Yeah, he has crushes on me.
Me: Oh really?  What does that mean?
Kaelyn: I don't know, because I just ran from him.
Adam: Keep on running.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

So...I'm Sleeping on the Couch Tonight...Foweel

I'll never forget the first time Bryce came to my rescue.  He was four years old, and as I spotted a spider crawling up my wall, I yelled for him to get me a shoe.  I couldn't get myself a shoe...we all know what happens when you take your eyes off a spider.  Completely confused, he came running in, and then smashed the spider with his bare hand.  "What's the big deal mommy, it's only a spider,"  he said half relieved/half confused as to why something so minimal sent me into a panic.

As I was picking up laundry tonight, something scurried across my floor under another piece of clothing.  I quickly did what I always do, and called for Bryce.  He came running in, I picked up the piece of clothing, and the "thing" quickly dashed under my bed.
Bryce: Quick, get me a flashlight.
Cue an Adam Story:
My pack rat/gear hoarding husband has a million "high quality" flashlights that he's accumulated over the years.  Apparently, high quality means rechargable, and none of them are ever charged...  Which is why I don't even bother trying to make them work anymore.  We had a power outage yesterday, and I completely ignored the FIVE flashlights in my nightstand and lit a few candles.
Kaelyn, also ignoring the flashlights, came to Bryce's rescue with some light-up toy from Disneyland, but they still could not find the lizard under my bed.  

The conversation that followed went something like this:
Bryce: When you said it was fast, I thought, "Duh, German Cockroach," but it was definitely some sort of lizard.
(Well, DUH! who doesn't think about German Cockroaches at a time like this?)
Me: Wasn't it just like the lizards you were playing with in the backyard the other day?
(You, know...the HARMLESS ones)
Bryce: No.  It's an unknown species, and I thought I knew all lizard species.  
(True story.  Not only does he own countless books, but he's an Animal Planet enthusiast.)
Bryce: Why were you so scared of it anyway?
Me: Because I didn't know what it was.
Bryce: That makes sense.  Plus it was small.  And many small creatures are extremely venomous.

So hopefully, this small, venomous lizard of an unknown species does not come and eat me tonight in my sleep!