Monday, February 28, 2011

Adam changed the battery in my car yesterday. This morning, when I took Bryce to school, this is what my dashboard looked like.

Will someone PLEASE tell him that he doesn't know how to fix things?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conversations in the Car Today

Bryce: Kaelyn, did you know that some planets have more than one moon and Jupiter has over 60 moons?
Kaelyn: uh-huh.
Bryce: No you didn't.
Kaelyn: Well did you know that everything that's white is white?
Bryce: Yeah.
Kaelyn: No you didn't.

Kaelyn: Bryce do all girls have bigger butts than boys?
Bryce: Yeah.
Kaelyn: You know that you're bigger than me right?
Bryce: Yeah, but if you were the same size as me, your butt would be bigger.
Kaelyn: Oh.

Bryce: Mommy, I don't understand why how dinosaurs became extinct is a mystery. I mean, you can find other kinds of molecules on their bones. Like if it was lava, then their should be lava molecules on their bones. So it shouldn't be a mystery.
Me: (cricket, cricket)
Bryce: I guess if it was a giant eclipse than there would be no molecules.
Me: (cricket, cricket)
Bryce: But if there's no molecules then they should rule out everything that has molecules.
Addison: SCREAM
Me: (relieved to be out of the woods with that one) Addison, what's the problem?
Bryce: What do you mean what's the problem? They always have a problem.
Bryce: So why do you think no one knows how the dinosaurs became extinct?
Me: I don't know Bryce, maybe when you grow up, you can figure it out.
Bryce: That's a good idea, but what if someone figures it out before me?
Me: Well no one has figured it out yet.
Bryce: That's true. And people in the old days weren't very smart.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eggs Anyone?


No? Well how about a beer then?