Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well... We can't buy slurpees at that 7-11 ever again...

The 7-11 situation actually occurred a few weeks ago, but as I settled in to share a couple Christmas pictures, I figured that I might as well fill you all in on a fun little trip that we had... SPOILER ALERT: nothing about this one has to do with Addison or Kaelyn (I know, I can't believe it either!)

So, our bank, Navy Federal, allows us to use 7-11 ATM's free of charge. Slurpees were always a childhood favorite of mine, and my kids have grown to love them quite a bit also. While running errands, I stopped into a local 7-11 to get some cash out, and a conversation went something like this:

Kaelyn: Mommy, where are we?

Me: We're at 7-11

Kaelyn: Oh, you think that they might have slurpees here?

Me: Kaelyn, I think you know that they have slurpees here... you think it's a little cold for a slurpee?

All 3 kids in unison: NOOOOO!!!!

So we walk over to the slurpee machine. I was fumbling cups and lids for 3 children when I notice Bryce doing the pee pee dance. SIDE NOTE: My last mall trip consisted of SIX bathroom trips, which happens to be TWICE the number of stores that we went to, so before this errand, I insisted that everyone use the potty before we left. Of course, everyone INSISTED that they didn't have to go. Anyway, five minutes into our first stop, Bryce is hopping around like he's about to pee on the floor. The next conversation went like this:

Me: Bryce, do you have to go to the bathroom?

Bryce: Yeah, but I want Cherry and Coke.

Me: Drop the slurpee and go to the bathroom. It will still be here when you get back.

The bathroom was literally 3 feet away from the slurpee station... you turn the corner, and the men's was one one side, women on the other...


Bryce, still doing the pee pee dance, comes hopping on over.

Me: What is that?

Bryce: I don't know

7-11 guy (frantically running over): It's the emergency exit

Me: BRYCE! You pushed open the emergency exit?

Bryce: I didn't see it!

Me: Seriously, you didn't see the big red bar with the sign that read "alarm will sound?"

Bryce: No, I didn't read the sign.

Me: Really, because you read "buy giftcards here" when we walked in.

Bryce: Oh.

Me: Go to the bathroom

Meanwhile, the 7-11 guy is fumbling around for the keys to turn the obnoxious alarm off. Turns out, the owner, who lives an hour away, has the keys. Meaning, the employees and the customers had to listen to the beeping for an HOUR! We said we were sorry, and left. Adam says that we should have stayed... but what good would I have been? In retrospect, I probably should have taken away the slurpees, or at least Bryce's slurpee, since they were all 3 slurping away during the lecture given by the guy at the checkout counter. Needless to say, we haven't been back since. Good thing they opened up that new one by walmart!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the Past 24 Hours...

Addison removed the ornaments from the bottom half of my tree...
Kaelyn bit Bryce (and drew blood) because he tried to pick those ornaments up...
Then, Kaelyn again reminded me about my "BIIIIIIIG BELLY!" (enough already, I get it)...
Oh, and when she thought no one was looking, she nonchalantly spit on Addison...
Why would she do that? "Because DD was crying on the ground" (well, I guess that's a good reason)...
The girls ate an ENTIRE zip lock bag of gummy bears in about 30 seconds because Bryce accidentally left them on the dining room table....
And Addison threw my Sidekick in the bucket of Oxyclean.
Oh. And I'm pretty sure that I have ornament glass stuck in the bottom of my foot.
YAY... Adam's ONE day off this week is tomorrow... I'm really not so great at being this out numbered!