Monday, March 29, 2010

Addison's solution to the whole "my mom said no oreos at bedtime" situation?


Bite through them, of course!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

And Now, She Can Outsmart Me?

Kaelyn will be FOUR this summer, and her toddler years are coming to an end... the intentional doing of wrong things like drawing on my sheets and flushing random things down the toilet are getting more and more seldom; HOWEVER, she is getting REALLY awesome at outsmarting me. Yesterday, after an Easter Egg Hunt and a birthday party, I told the kids it was time for "quiet time." Kaelyn and Bryce don't really take naps anymore, so quiet time is essential... I get to have a little break, and it keeps me from calling CPS on myself during the day.
Kaelyn: Mommy, can I have quiet time in the living room? (she wanted to lay on the couch)
Me: Sure, but DO NOT eat any Easter candy. (I figured her reason for wanting to be in the living room was because of its close proximity to the candy drawer.)
Kaelyn: K
And quiet time begins... Addison is napping, Bryce is in his room reading, Kaelyn is on the couch watching a movie, and I am in my room watching TV.
About an hour later, I come out of my room to inform the kids that quiet time is over, and I find Kaelyn lying on the couch eating a sucker.
Me: Kaelyn! I told you no Easter candy!
Kaelyn: This is not Easter candy, I got it from my school!
Apparently, the eye doctor visited her school on Wednesday, and gave the kids suckers, which she hid in the small pocket of her backpack until the time was right. She's such a little opportunist!