Thursday, April 30, 2009

I live in a house full of girls.

And even if there are two boys in the house, it doesn't matter. There are still THREE girls. Four, if you include Cali. I live across the street from Jayden. He's two. He's a boy. He's good. I watch him play outside and have flash backs of Bryce running around and everything is so uncomplicated. And then I look in my own yard, and Kaelyn is pushing Addison out of her car, but Addison is holding on with a good chunk of Kaelyn's hair, and both are crying. With girls there's just so much, well, drama. Today, right smack in the middle of swine flu country, Kaelyn licked the drinking fountain in Target. Picture it in slow motion... me, dropping the ice cream I just bought, running towards her saying, "don't you dare, Kaelyn Grace, don't you even think about it." And Kaelyn.... planning it all out, her mom was turned the other way, it was the perfect opportunity, running, blond hair blowing... she reaches out, her tongue touches bare metal... she made it. Then, realizing that she did it, that she actually did it, she remembers to push the button for water to come out. And I sigh. It's over. I lose. She wins. This, mind you, came after an hour of her screaming behind the basket as I pushed it through Target. Bryce and Addison were in a good mood. Everyone just ignored her. Well, everyone besides the poor innocent people who were minding their business just trying to shop in peace. We went about our shopping, not even looking at her, knowing that she was there because we could hear her crying behind us about God knows what. And in the end, she sure showed me. That's what it was all about in the first place, right? I can't imagine her being that thirsty. Or the drinking fountain water tasting that good. With two girls who are more stubborn than their very stubborn mommy, it is a constant power struggle in my house. I have to admit, sometimes, it's really pretty funny. And sometimes, it's really not. Adam (the guy who gets to escape it all) loves to remind me that I need to enjoy it. And I do. And some days, like today, I definitely do not :)


Rules said...

That is hilarious nichole... that sounds like my life minus the girls :)

~A~ said...

This just reminds me why I love being the Aunt!!!