Friday, July 3, 2009

Little Boys...

When Bryce was little, he was just so dang cute, and polite, and clean. Now he's all about everything gross... like bugs, dead bugs in particular, and mud, and poop... think of the grossest thing you can, and I'm sure he's touched it, played with, or made a potion with it.

Dog poop thrown over the fence at the neighbor... check!

Dead beetle guts smashed down the slide to see what they look like... check!

Smashed dead bee guts (which my very observant son will tell you look just beetle guts)... check!

DEAD BIRD that he picked up and took home while on a walk with my uncle... check!

So, about an hour or two into our drive home from Georgia, he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a baggie with two frogs in it. One of Bryce's favorite things to do on the farm is catch tadpoles, put them in Grandpa's fish tank, raise them until they turn into frogs, and release them. Well... Grandpa said that he better take real good care of these two, and take them home to Texas. Thanks Grandpa! So, we took the frogs out of the baggie and put them into a cooler. When we got home, Bryce did a really good job of making a pretty cool habitat in a pickle jar. He catches flies and crickets and feeds them. Despite his efforts though, he will be releasing them tonight, before he goes to California. Nice try.