Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's Wrong with my Children!?!

Conversation Adam had with Kaelyn:

Adam: Kaelyn, why's your arm all wet?

(couch cushions were stacked up by the fish tank and it was obvious she was playing in there)

Kaelyn: Um... Um... I went outside, and I sat in the car, and the seat was wet so my arm got wet.

Adam: Kaelyn, that's a lie. You did not go outside. Why is your arm wet?

Kaelyn: Um... Um... Addison took her pants off, then she took her diaper off, then she peed on the floor, then she peed on my arm, so it got wet.

Adam: And then Addison put her diaper and pants back on?

Kaelyn: Uh-huh

Adam: Go to time out.

Seriously, where does she come up with this stuff? And Bryce, the good one, just got in trouble at a friends house for throwing bricks over the fence... BRICKS! And, it was his idea.

What's Addison doing? Well, we went to the doctor. She's still 18 pounds. Her favorite thing to say is NO MA'AM (while she hits you)... and she's learning new things from her sister everyday.


Missy Miller said...

I guess all you can say is...they're just kids as you try to not pull everyone's hair out including your own!